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Raider Expectations***Raider Required*** UPDATED FOR LEGION

Raider Expectations***Raider Required*** UPDATED FOR LEGION

Postby Uxi » Thu Jun 18, 2015 12:34 pm

Main raid goals
    To progress through current content while it is still current, with a fairly casual raid schedule and a bunch of other goofballs. We plan to progress through all of normal content, and move into heroic content. When we complete heroic content and if we have the roster and interest, Mythic will be considered.

Raider expectations:
Try to better yourself as a player
    We aren't planning on being uber leet, cutting edge progression, rushing into Mythics. We don't need top end numbers, just solid numbers and good mechanics. We don't expect raiders to rank in the top whatever percentile in logs, but we do expect raiders to try and better themselves every raid.
    We are a more casual guild, but even casual raiders should try to improve their play, their rotation, or their gear whenever they can even if it is only slightly. Raiding is something you are getting into with 9+ other people, we're all agreeing to spend x amount of our free time to sit and try to kill internet dragons together.
    Try to be courteous to your raidmates and improve. Because if you are consistently not hitting dps checks, missing interrupts, or dying to specific mechanics, etc. and causing wipes, you aren't just taking up your own free time but their's as well. We don't expect people to be the best, but we do expect people to try and get better.
    On that note, be cool with constructive criticism! If officers approach you about your rotation, talents, gems, etc., they are just trying to help the raid and aren't trying to personally attack anyone. And on the other hand, if you are talking to someone about numbers make sure your criticism is actually constructive. Don't be dicks guys.

    We're not forming as a hardcore guild that is going to expect 90% attendance for 12-15 hours of raiding a week or anything crazy. We're casual in terms of schedule, but if you know you are going to be gone please try your best to alert an officer, send a text, post to the forums, send an in-game mail etc.
    We know RL stuff happens and there are emergencies or times you aren't able to reach anyone, but if at all possible we'd really appreciate it. Tazarak / Dýr will make their cell phone numbers available to all raiders for this reason
    This allows us to give people a heads up they'll be needed on an alt. Or in worse-case scenario if several people have to miss on the same night, we can let other raiders know they can take the raid night off and they don't need to be on at raid time. That way we don't have 9+ people sitting around the summon stone for 30+ minutes before we finally call it. (We now have a large enough roster this shouldn't ever really be the case, but you never know)
    A lot of raiding etiquette revolves around "remember there are 9+ people waiting/relying on you, be courteous". Also "don't be a dick"

Be okay with sitting once in a while
    We are going to try and not sit any of our core main raiders, but the way flex works is both a blessing and a curse. If we have a night where we can only field 2 healers for example, we would need to choose between cancelling raid or just fielding a smaller raid.
    Even if we have the healers to field our full raid, if you are consistently dying (due to lag or just bad performance) or consistently doing very bad numbers, you can and will be asked to sit for progression fights. We will be looking at the warcraftlogs ilvl brackets to see how you doing compared to people of your class/spec in your *same level of gear* to gauge this, we don't expect you to be 99th percentile but if you are consistently performing in the "below average" category, officers will be reaching out regarding coaching to get your numbers up and possibly asking you to sit for fights that aren't considered farm yet.
    There are some caveats to that. If you are assigned some crummy job running all over killing adds or clearing fire or whatever, officers will obviously use our judgement and not knock people for being below average in those situations
    We are raiding 1 less hour than we did during WoD and to make up that lost time we need to tighten ship in regards to numbers and performance. Just be aware that being asked to sit is in the realm of possibilities and isn't an insult. Go do pet battles, hop on an alt, hang out in vent and mock us every time we die, etc. We'll get you in for farm fights, and being sat isn't a life-long raid death sentence. Once your numbers get pulled up you are welcome to come back in for progression.

Be progression-driven
    Even though are times and expectations are fairly casual, we expect raiders to have a progression mindset. Do you like hitting boss walls, figuring out how to get it, and dumpstering them in the end, after spending a lot of time working on them? Great!
    This was one of the raid rules, but it bears repeating. Wipes happens. When progression raiding, wipes happen a lot. The current plan for the raid is to completely clear current content, and that means we might spend entire raid nights wiping to a single boss. That's just a fact of raiding life.
    If you ONLY want to hang out with people and be social, or ONLY want gear, or wiping makes you irrationally angry and you don't get any satisfaction from bringing down new bosses after spending a long time trying and finally suceeding, raiding may not be for you.
    There's nothing wrong with that, M@M has tons of fun RP, guild events, people looking to run stuff, and dumb-but-entertaining conversations, find something you DO enjoy.

Recognize the limitations of the group
    On the opposite end of the spectrum: We're a group of buddies raiding for fun, with a fairly limited raid schedule, to clear content and have a good time doing it. If you are looking for a more serious guild to push progress through heroics immediately into Mythics, this is probably not the raid group for you. If you are going to get antsy doing normals then heroics, and maybe never darken Mythics doorstep (it depends on our roster/interest level when we clear heroics) you'll be happier looking for a raid team that is a better fit for you
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Re: Raider Expectations***Raider Required*** UPDATED FOR LEG

Postby Uxi » Sun Aug 28, 2016 3:28 pm

Updooted for Legion, not a whole lot changed on these except some more clarification on when raiders will be asked to sit for progression.
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