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RP Rules

RP Rules

Postby Avian » Thu Jul 02, 2015 4:42 pm

RP Rules

While we are usually pretty relaxed about rp rules, we do ask members to follow a few guidelines to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Also, keep in mind these rules are strictly for guild run rp and if we are attending an event as a guild together. Feel free to rp however you choose when on your own, though you'll find most of these rules are common RP courtesy.

A usual guild RP:

Our usual guild rp nights consist of a DM (dungeon master) leading the group with events or a story line. When performing certain actions (such as attempting to unlock a door/disarm a trap) the DM might ask you to /roll 20. 1-10 is a fail, 11-20 is a pass. The outcome and HOW WELL you pass or fail is left to the DM.

Combat in guild rp works the same way, in which you would /emote an attempt to hit and then immediately /roll 20 to see if you hit or not. The DM will usually explain your result. Here's an example of both the action and combat:

DM: You come across a large padlocked door.
RPer: "Oh a Door, I will unlock it because I am awesome."
RPer attempts to unlock the door.
RPer rolls 13 (1-20)
DM: The door unlocks with some difficulty, but swings open. An angry gnoll is inside that insults RPer.
RPer: "Rude!"
RPer lunges at the gnoll, swinging his meaty fists wildly.
Rper rolls 5 (1-20)
DM: Rper misses the gnoll and falls to the ground instead, face-planting into the dirt.
RPer: "Ow! Stupid gnoll!"

Do not God-Mode

Pretty self explanatory, you are not invincible unless you're Arthas' pretty pony. Try to keep yourself in check, no character will be perfect at everything. Please try to be somewhat realistic with your character's skills.
This also applies to combat/interactions. We use rolls for most of these and regardless of your character's beefy pectorals if you roll a 1 they're getting hit.
If you are a magic user please try to keep your abilities in check as well, no one wants to play with a mage who can summon 50 lava surgers with top hats who are riding core hounds. Though that might be cool.

Do not Metagame:

This is basically using information you received OOCly in an IC way. For example if you read someone's name on mrp or even in guild but have not yet met them ICly your character would not know them or their name.
This isn't really a huge issue but it does bug people from time to time so just be mindful of how your character receives information.

IC and OOC are Two Different Things:

Again, pretty self explanitory. Quite a few of us play characters with not-so-hot morals so please don't take anything to heart out of character.

Do not Powerplay:

It's not cool to take control of another person's character without their conscent.
For example: "Rengrave casts lifegrip on Avian and hurls her elf body off a cliff where she falls on a sharp rock and dies."
What the hell, man.

Be Mindful of Mounts/Pets/Toys:

Most often if you have a pet out while rping people will consider it there ICly, so don't be suprised if someone tries to pet your Cooter.
If you are not on a mount ICly please don't be on your giant clefthoof while having a conversation/performing an action.
Toys can be used for effects while rping as long as it's appropriate, such as if you're NPCing an Alliance and use an orb of deception. Please don't spam use toys without reason.


We don't require to paragraph-rp but please use proper punctuation and full sentences. Please keep the smilie and kitty faces out of here too. ;3

No Lore-breaking:

Please be mindful of your race's lore and timelines and lifespans. Your character's back story doesn't have to be fleshed out to every day but please keep in mind what your race has gone through during periods of history.
Try not to be too off the wall with your racial choices as well. Most people will not want to rp with a half-dragon half-draenie who looks like an orc because "magic you guys".
Try to be realistic with your character's family and friends as well. You are not Sylvannas' cousin Monica who dated Arthas. You weren't college roommates with Garrosh. And Alextraza didn't have you on her back while you guys escaped from The Nothing. (Yeaaahhh!)

If you're unsure if your character would be accepted or a good fit please contact one of the officers and we'll help you out!
If you are unfamiliar with a certain aspect of lore please check out:

Overall please be respectful to one another IC and OOC, this is a game and we're all playing pretend.

For general FAQs click here:
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Re: RP Rules

Postby Avian » Mon Aug 29, 2016 8:48 pm

Updated/Edited a bit, please take a look if you're new and plan on RPing!
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